On Saturday, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. Everyone else was still asleep, so I felt a bit like in One Hundred Years of Solitude (one of my favorite novels).

I know it’s good for the flowers, and it sounds cozy somehow. I still hoped it would stop at some point, because I had plans for the weekend – I wanted us to make some outdoor photos for our website.

The woodpecker that seems to live in our yard keeps knocking restlessly all day long, even in the rain. I guess there is a lot of food for him in some of our fruit trees. Some of them suffer from a disease – we consulted a “tree doctor”, and he diagnosed it as brown rot. There are other pests too, but we prefer not to use chemicals, because the birds and the squirrels feed on the fruit.

Our friend Nacho said that the nasturtium plants I grew for him had started to bloom. He sent me pictures, writing that the flowers were charging him with a lot of energy… I can totally relate!

The nasturtiums and the fuchsia that I planted for Lia are starting to bloom.

We haven’t seen her lately, so they stay here and keep growing. Actually, it might be better if I give her more resilient plants, as she is a beginner in gardening. The smaller seedlings are much more vulnerable, especially when you move them to a different place.

Some other plants suffer from the mildew too, including the big purple lobelia. I really hope it would recover – it is a favorite of the butterflies, especially my beloved hummingbird moth.

I am preparing some plants for Gergana too. I hope my hydrangeas would feel better in her shady yard, they refuse to bloom on our south-facing porch.

Gatsi’s bougainvillea tree did not like her shady balcony, so we brought it here . It was planted (quite creatively) in a black trash can – maybe I should repot it (not as much for aesthetic reasons, but for practical purposes).

The prolonged rainy weather usually causes diseases of the plants on our porch. They were recently struck by powdery mildew, and some did not make it, including the lush small-flowering pansy that Albena gave me. I used pest-control spray, but I guess it was too late. My “cosmic” petunia is sick too…

It does not look too bad yet – I hope it is able to recover, as it’s the only one left from all my nice petunias from “the men’s mall”.

So, I had an excuse (as if I need one) to buy some new plants from our local garden center. I got a mini petunia, a mini geranium and some “maxi” zynnias.

They are so much bigger than the ones I had last year! I was still proud of those, because I grew from seeds.

Boris regained his chess dominance. We did not go out today, as it was raining, so I asked him to play three times in a row. I hoped I could find a way to beat him at least once, but he was unshakable. Well… maybe next time.

I found this denim jacket in a local classifieds’ website. It had some embellishments, and I added some more embroideries.

The rain did not stop us from taking indoor photos of our new boho mugs. We added a new one to our shop – the print is a photo of ethnic print fabric that I tie-dyed.

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