Sunday started with some sun, so I spent the morning in my favorite way – on the porch with my coffee, checking and repotting the plants.

Then there was some change of plans, because our neighbour and a friend of his offered to do some work on our roof. It was much needed: cleaning the gutters and cutting the dangerous branches of a dead tree nearby, which were starting to damage the eaves, and we were grateful for their help. (Boris slept all afternoon, despite the noise. His room is on the top floor, so the guys were working right above his head. This boy has some real talent!)

The cocktail season on the porch is open, now summer can officially start.

Recently we are into Aperol Spritz, our new weekend treat. We found out it tasted quite fresh, especially if we have it outside; I love the color too.

I finished one of my projects last week, and we wanted to do a photoshoot in the garden. When the light was just right, it started to rain. I was quite disappointed, but then fortunately the rain stopped for a while and we went outside quickly, to get ahead of it.

Up-cycled boho vest with mother of pearl buttons, decorated with openwork and ethnic floral embroidery. Available in our shop.

We made a quick trip to “the men’s mall”, as I had run out of pest control spray. I never miss looking around the plants department, and I chose this lovely hemerocallis. It was about to bloom, and to my delight it did that same evening.

We also found this curious thing, Waspinator.

It is supposed to keep wasps away in open spaces like our porch. Its shape resembles a wasp nest, to make them consider the place as another swarm’s territory. It might as well work, at least we could try it.

On our way back, Nick ordered pizza online and we went to fetch it ourselves. Nick prefers Dominos but they don’t make deliveries in our district, as it is officially outside the city limits.

When we got home, Boris was up and hungry as always. He could not believe when we found out that we brought his favourite pizza, he said he had been dreaming about it!

On Monday, I had a dentist appointment. (I had avoided it for a long time, but I had to do it eventually). It was in a neighbourhood where I seldom go; on my way there and back I saw some interesting things.

These paintings were apparently thrown away, but still someone had taken the trouble to arrange them as some kind of “exhibition” in front of the bins. I was tempted to “adopt” them, but I was not sure what I would do with them, so I just took a photo.

I was amazed by this lavish garden in front of a common gray apartment building.

While I was waiting for the bus to get back home, I noticed this colorful tram covered in cool graffiti.

When I posted this picture on my Facebook wall, two friends commented that they had seen “the same people” in their cities too. This graffiti artist seems to travel a lot!

We added another boho mug to our shop, “Rainforest dream”. The pattern is a print from a photo of a decorative textile collage, made of bright fabrics, trims and embroideries.

Yesterday was the birthday of our groovy muse, Yvette. She wore one of our love beads necklaces and a dress I chose for her, she said they made her birthday colorful. Keep shining bright in your colors, beautiful one!

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