There was a big thunderstorm with torrential rain yesterday. Our neighbour’s dog Topo was alone and very scared, so he came near our house, looking for support. We comforted him and Nick tried to get him back to his dog house where he would feel safe and not get wet, but he refused and he stayed on our stairs until the end of the storm.


My “yard cat” Krasivcho started visiting us again, after months of absence. We still keep the cat food supplies that we bought especially for him, so I was able to give him some treats.

Krasivcho (“The Handsome One”)

Topo is usually running free in the yard. When he is tied or sleeping, the fluffy guy manages to sneak past him somehow.

Boris went on vacation with his dad. I am happy for him, as he really needed this, but still I miss my partner in chess and walking.

I think my avens is finally free from the wicked powdery mildew that killed so many plants this year. It started to flower and I am happy, even though its blooms are still too small.

My curcuma plant is blooming too.

I am so glad I finally managed to grow one! Last autumn I ordered a plant online, but it had not enough time to bloom at all. Then it withered, and the bulbs never sprouted again.

The crossandra and the sweet peas are thriving.

Gatsi’s bougainvillea tree is feeling much better on our porch, it even started to bloom. I sent Gatsi this picture, she was thrilled.

Some other plants were overblown, and others were attacked by pests. I constantly move and repot them, so that the new seedlings could grow, and the blooming ones would have enough light.

Our zynnias were badly affected by powdery mildew. I spotted tiny slugs in some other flower boxes – even inside the house; they ruined the blooms of my sinningias. I decided to change the soil and repot the plants, to get rid of the pests, I hope this helps.

My sinningias, when they were still healthy

About half of the nasturtiums were attacked by mites again. I prepared them for treatment with pest control spray, but I had to wait for the rain to stop, as it would wash it away and the spraying would be of no help at all.

Last weekend, when we visited Lia and we brought her new plants, I asked her to show me the nasturtiums that I grew for her, so that I could see how they were doing. Many of their leaves were yellow, so obviously they were affected by mites too. I recommended her my favorite brand of spray, but when we went together to the “men’s mall” and asked for it (or a similar one), the lady said they had none. So, Lia had to order it online, as we do, but I think she forgot. I hope her plants make it – sometimes they don’t, it’s a constant fight against the mites. They are especially stubborn; I think they are never completely gone, so the only option is to try and keep them away for some time.

I love working in the garden, but my back does not seem to like it. It started bothering me again, so Nick asked me not to move heavy pots and get him to do it for me, but I don’t want to do this. My usual time for gardening is early in the morning when it is not too hot, then Nick is still sleeping. He never gets enough sleep, because he has to get up multiple times during the night to take care of our dog Charlie, and then he has to work.

Charlie is really old, he is not able to stand up anymore. Now he has an infection, and some kidney problems too. Nick called our local vet; he came to examine the dog, he did some blood tests, then he prescribed antibiotics and some other meds.

Charlie, snuggled in my sleeping bag

This back thing really makes me nervous, because it gets in the way of my daily workout… and I was so close to achieving my goals! Nick says that I should stop working out because of this. Of course, I do stop when it hurts too much, but it makes me feel bad. This is something that I never thought I was capable of doing – it makes me feel proud of myself, and I don’t want to give up.

Shve and her man Misho (who is also a cool photographer) did this amazing photoshoot in their garden.

She was like a forest fairy, with the love beads necklaces that I made and some of the colorful clothing that I chose for her, and he wore flowers in his beard. My favorite boho couple!

The photoshoot was their way to celebrate their anniversary, six years together. Here’s to many more!

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