The weather is great, sunny but still cool and breezy. I brought my stash of beads out on the porch, to make some love beads necklaces in the fresh air.

When Nick opened our mailbox, here is what he found.

It looks like a small bird decided to settle inside, using some of Topo’s hair (it falls off every summer when he changes his coat) to line its nest.

We have not seen the bird herself… I hope she did not abandon her eggs.

I thought the hydrangeas did not feel good here, as they refused to bloom, and I considered giving them to someone else. But then I repotted them, and it looks like it gave them a new life.

The frilly hibiscus tree is flowering too. Every bloom lasts just one day, but they still keep getting more and more.

I found this groovy Jimi Hendrix print in an online second hand shop.

I saw a big Indian quilted embroidered wall handing with mirror-work in a local classifieds website, and I ordered it. It is similar to the purple-green one in our bedroom.

I thought we could use it for the living room, along with the Hendrix print. We still have some white space left on our walls… it is about time to fix that!

I found this new (to me) clove toothpaste; the feeling and aroma is really fresh.

We were looking for something that would be good for my gums, and Nick ordered this ayurvedic thing for me to try. I knew about clove’s antibacterial and soothing action; l have used the ground spice for toothache relief many times, since I was a teenager.

Another cool online find, floral festival “parka in a pocket”.

I saw it in a Facebook ad. Usually, I don’t trust most of them, but I really liked the design, I decided to take the risk, and now I am glad I did.

It is quite cleverly made. It is really thin and light, and it can be tucked inside its own pocket. There is a zipper and a strap, it can be easily carried as a wrist bag.

It is still not a very good time for festivals, but I hope this will change soon.

I just love Shve’s artistic imagination, she always keeps surprising me! This time, she staged this charming cowgirl photoshoot with the scarecrow that she and Misho made for their garden.

She is rocking a stack of my love beads necklaces, and the scarecrow’s outfit is from the selection of colorful clothing that I sent her.

Our bag “Let It Grow” is travelling to its new home in Oklahoma.

I designed the embroidery in harmony with the paisley pattern of the kantha quilt fabric; the ultra-soft fringe made of artistic yarn are a perfect match. I am so proud of this one, and I am thrilled it found the right lady!

A while ago, I sent several of my love beads necklaces and a big bag of colorful clothes to my friend Jessica. Most of them were meant for a friend of hers, Milena.

I did not know her personally, but I have heard a lot about her from Jessica. She said Milena needed some colour in her life, and bringing colour is my mission.

Then Milena became my Facebook friend, and I was happy to see that she was wearing one of the necklaces that I made in her profile picture.

Jessica is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Right now, she is in the hospital, recovering from an emergency operation. I love you, girl… Get well soon!

Jessica in my old apartment

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