My watering experiment did not go well.

I missed the morning watering of the plants on Thursday. It was a very hot day (as usual lately). In the afternoon I saw that many of them were drooping; some had almost started to wither. So, I went back to my usual routine – just checking if the soil is visibly wet (though I doubt it would happen soon on our sunbaked porch), and then watering two times a day.

After the long heatwave, there was a sudden torrential rain yesterday, so I did not have to worry about watering. I read in the news and in friend’s Facebook posts that there was violent hail down in the city… I thought there would be some here too, I am glad it did not reach us.

We checked on our neighbor’s dog Topo, who was alone again. He was not so scared, as this was not a thunderstorm; he was snuggled in his doghouse, we did not have to comfort him this time.

Nick was looking for some small wheels, to make the furniture in his workshop movable. He found what he needed in the website of a supermarket chain, and he went to our local branch to buy them. I came along because of the plants (again) and I brought home this magnificent turmeric. I would call its coloring “hombre”; I think it looks like a beautiful pink flame.

It looks much more impressive than the lighter pink one that we have.

I have read that turmeric needed a lot of light… but may be not this much of the heat that goes with it. The light pink one does not look too good, I must consider moving it to a better spot.

The gomphrena seems to love the sun though, as it is thriving.

I left the bulbs of the overblown plants outside on the windowsill, to dry before I put them away. I had forgotten that some were activated by heat, so in the meantime the amaryllis and the hypeastrum have sprouted .

They were supposed to grow back again in February, but I decided to plant them now and see if they are able to bloom twice in a year.

I treated the siningias with pest control spray and I repotted them; they obviously feel a lot better now. I changed the soil completely, but still I found another miniature snail… It seems like there is no getting rid of them – too bad, because they totally ruin the blooms.

I started a new book by Narine Abragyan (an outstanding Armenian author), Zulali.

I don’t think it’s been published in English yet; at least I could not find any editions, just info about the movie based on it. This novel seems to have the main ingredients that I am looking for: human touch, and a bit of magic.

Our new weekend treat is pink gin, perfect for summer cocktails.

I started a new project, “Midnight Song” – black denim jacket, decorated with up-cycled floral embroideries.

I really liked how the back turned out, so I had to find something worthy for the front.

This was the first version, but I was not sure it was good enough (it looked too tame), so I changed it completely.

I used different embroideries this time; at one point, their placement reminded me of the book “The Thorn Birds”.

This was not the kind of “song” that I meant in the project title, so I rearranged them again (quite a few times). I was looking for the balance: not too simple, but not too busy either.

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