The vet came to examine Charlie again. He said the dog needed a flexible bed that would stimulate his circulation, so Nick bought an air mattress for him.

Charlie seemed quite comfortable at first, but then he fell of the mattress multiple times during the night when he tried to turn. It was obviously not suitable for him, so we replaced it with these camping mats; now he feels much better.

I brought the air mattress out on the porch, to use it as a sunbed. It looked and felt quite nice with my favorite mandala beach towel and this embroidered Indian pillow.

Boris is back from his vacation, and the chess marathon is on again. Meanwhile, the balance seems to have changed, so I managed to win the first game sweepingly. (Maybe he was just tired from the trip, but he still insisted on playing the same night). Then he quickly regained his dominance; he is inspired to study theory to improve his skills even more. He tried to talk me into this too, he believes that if you play with a better partner you get better yourself. He might be right, but I just do not have the time and energy for this.

I had some plant doubts, so I checked, and I was bewildered. How could I confuse freesias with crocosmias?

In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote that the crocosmias from my color-coordinated set of bulbs were yellow – and I expected them to be orange. But those were actually yellow freesias, exactly as the ones pictured on the package.

I noticed that these plants were smaller than expected, and the familiar aroma too, but I did not realize what it was. I had completely forgotten about the freesias, maybe because I had tried to grow them before and I failed.

Now the real crocosmias have started to bloom, so my mistake became obvious.

Our purple ruellia grew really tall. (I considered cutting it, because it was getting too big to handle, but now I am glad I decided against this.) It did not like the sun much at first, when I brought it outside. I could not provide shade for such a tall plant, and many of its leaves started to change their color to reddish-brown. Some even fell off, but the plant eventually adapted and started to flower.

Gatsi’s bougainvillea tree looks quite unusual to me. It only has one huge bloom, and they usually come in clusters.

Until now, I was watering the plants twice a day; I thought they needed a lot of water in this heat. But it looked like it some were overwatered, which is not good too. I read that it is better to water plants in the evening only, so I decided to try this way and see what happens.

Shve sent me some more cool pictures from her last garden photoshoot, styled with some items that I made or selected for her: love beads necklaces and colorful boho clothing. Her artistic energy and ideas always keep me going, inspiring meaning in what I do.

She is such a lovely witch!

I finished this up-cycled boho vest ,”Flower Dance”. I just love how it turned out!

I combined it with the full-skirt tie-dye dress that I made a few years ago.

Fitted blue denim vest with lavish floral embroidery. Size M, available in our shop.

I really love this combination, so I started another embroidered denim vest. I adore this one’s pockets, they are such a classy touch.

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