It was very hot this week (most of the time), so Topo was lying in the shade all day long. He was too lazy to chase the cats; Krasivcho kept coming to see me every morning for breakfast.

The fluffy one was gone for a long time, so we forgot to stock up on cat food like before. We did this eventually; meanwhile, he could have some of Charlie’s food, both of them do not mind sharing.

Yesterday, while having coffee on the porch, I heard prolonged rustling from above. I could not see what was happening from my viewpoint, but then a naughty little face peeked through the edge of the canopy.

It was our yard squirrel, frolicking. It happened just for a second, but still it made my day. We see it quite often, especially in the morning when it is cooler. Boris wonders why I am so happy every time I see a squirrel. He is quite used to it, but squirrels are my spirit animals, so I just can’t help it.

Our canopy, made by Nick with fabrics from my stash. (No squirrel in the picture, it moves too fast.)

On Friday, I woke up to the sound of rain, quite refreshing after all the heat. I went out to see my plants; I thought they looked beautiful with the raindrops, so I took some photos.

Crocosmia, again (in a different light)
A raindrop, nested in a nasturtium leaf

It was cooler outside, so Topo was feeling playful. When he saw us, he started running and jumping happily around the yard.

Lia sent me pictures of the bougainvillea and portulacas that I gave her, all blooming.

She seems to be taking better care of this bougainvillea than I did. She instantly saw it needed repotting; I knew it too, but I somehow never got to this point. Now it is obviously thriving in her sunny balcony.

So, the “plant flow” will go on – I decided to give her one of my red Indian cannas, several shoots of blue plumbago, and some of the forget-me-nots that I grew from seeds.

The blue plumbago is feeling better now, after I moved the new shoots to anothеr pot. Their roots turned out to be really long and strong for such small plants, so they really needed more space.

The siningias are recovering from pest attacks (tiny snails and mites), after repotting and treatment with pest control spray. The purple one grew back completely and it is blooming, it looks like a brand-new plant.

The pink one is not in such a great shape yet, but it is getting there.

Boris said he had suddenly lost interest in chess… but it did not last long. The next day, he asked me if I wanted to play again. I agreed to some king of handicap: if I make a very stupid move, he asks me to reconsider. In this way, I managed to win last night, but I don’t think it was real. He showed me two of my major fails; it would not be possible for me to win if I really did make those moves. Anyway, he demanded revenge – and of course, he got it.

We have a new porch fountain; it is quite small but still a nice touch. We plan to color it with spray paint and add more pebbles or something.

Flowers are people too! I love this quote by Gérard de Nerval, “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.”

While having coffee in our “Fantasy Garden” mug, Shve gave some to her beloved sunflower too.

Garden witches can really feel the soul in everything…

I finished my “Midnight Song” project at last. I am happy with how it turned out; it was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

Within minutes after I added it to our shop, two ladies wrote to say they needed to have it; it is reserved for the first one now. I felt so special… This brings a real meaning to my work!

A friend who lives abroad called to say that he would be here for several days. He comes home every summer and we usually meet for a beer (at least). We missed it last summer because of the social isolation, so we haven’t seen each other for two years. We invited him over on the porch. We have not seen each other for two years; it would be fun to catch up.

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