Our friend Mincho, who is a skilled woodcarving artist, made this amazing one of a kind jewellery box. I was so happy when I saw that he chose our love beads necklaces for the photoshoot!

This is Mincho’s page –


Shve did another captivating photoshoot in her garden with the love beads necklaces that I made for her, a secret peak into her vivid world of treasures. It’s like they lead a life of their own… No words for this… just love.

My crocosmias and the turmeric plant keep blooming. Orange and fuchsia, one of my favorite combinations, inspired by the colors of India.

The purple ruellia is flowering abundantly. When I got it last year, it only had one bloom at a time, and I thought it was typical. Then it grew very high in the winter, while it was inside the house, and I wondered if I should cut it. Now I am glad I decided against this, as the top seems to hold most of its flowering power.

Its blooms only last a few hours each. After I took this picture it started to rain; soon there were no blooms left.

We found some of my favourite Chang beer again. It tastes great and it brings back nice memories from my backpacking trip in Thailand, 12 years ago.

This beer practically saved my life while I was there. I tried some strange fruit and I got food poisoning; then I had some Chang beer, and I was cured.

Boris went to see his Grandma; he said they… played chess. Why am I not surprised? He played chess with his dad too while they were on vacation; he even convinced our friend who visited us over the weekend to play with him too. (He initially said that he was not much of a player, but I think Boris could convince anyone with his passion.) Now we ask people if they play chess and we consider this when making plans, it is quite funny.

I started a new project, “Soul Flame”.

We made the flame embroideries with our sewing machine, to match my original idea of a bird rising from the fire.

It reminded me of Jimi Hendrix’s song:

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