A lovely lady chose this hummingbird bag, and she has to receive it today. I hope it makes her very happy!

Last weekend, another hummingbird bag went to a beautiful hummingbird-like creature – a friend ordered it as a birthday gift for her.

And on Monday, this little guy visited our porch!

Actually, it’s not a real hummingbird – I’ve read somewhere that it’s Hummingbird hawk-moth – but they look so similar, fluttering in the same way.

Sometimes it feels like nothing is accidental 🙂

I have two more Kantha quilts, and I will use them for the next items in our “Peace” collection. The colors are so vivid, that it would be hard to think of an embroidery to combine them with (as it has to stand out somehow).

Our portulacas are blooming, and they are a joy to the eye. 

When I published this picture on Facebook, several of my friends asked me to save some of the seeds for them. Obviously, it’s a rare variety (I think it’s called Moss Rose).

The “Rambling Rose” layered embroidery bag is finally ready, and it’s now available in our shop.

I used embroidered cotton fabric from an up-cycled skirt, and then I added another layer of embroidery appliques, salvaged from a pair of second hand jean shorts.

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