It keeps raining every day – not very summery, but it’s good for the garden.

Garden view from the top

Our delphiniums are just about to bloom. I hope they would be in the promised color – Pacific Blue.

I’ve read somewhere that delphinium is poisonous – my third plant (that I know of), which has to be handled carefully, in addition to amaryllis and lantana. This would be a problem before, because most of our friends have small kids, and they used to come here quite often. But now, with the social isolation, we haven’t met them in several months.

My eustoma and azalea are seemingly about to flower too. They were blooming last year when I got them, but not since then – so I really hope they will now.

Eustoma and azalea, preparing to flower

I feel really disappointed – my “purple” roscoea turned out to be white.

I don’t like white, because I see it as a lack of color, so I would never choose anything white (except some white clothes for tie-dyeing)… but there it is.

I offered to give it to a fellow flower lover, Yulita – but she said she had enough plants already. How can one ever have enough plants… I wonder!

Yulita is also a cool artist – I really love her colors!
One of her “living tiles” (ceramic tiles, painted with alcohol inks) is hanging in our studio: the ammonite on a red background.

This is the link to Yulita’s page –

I feel so happy, when someone enjoys the things that I make with so much love! 

This is the radiant hippie chick Vera with her “Secret garden” bag (and several of my love beads necklaces). I hope she would take it to some beautiful and mysterious places!

Our new spice jars arrived, and I love them! I already started filling them up, and now they’ll be waiting for the new spice rack that we plan to make.

Then I decided to try a new (to me) recipe with them – chickpeas curry. Very spicy, very good (though we did not have all ingredients – but I added them to the shopping list, so I hope next time it would be even better). Boris loved it, and he said that I had to make it again very soon.

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