Our tigridias keep flowering. It’s very impressive every time – the blooms are big and luscious, they appear overnight… and they only last for a few hours.

I’ve never had this plant before, and now I find out that its behaviour is quite interesting. When it is ready to flower, it blooms in the morning, and then the bloom wilts at night. Then, a few days later, another bloom springs from the same head – and then again. It’s the third time it happened with the same plant… I wonder, how many more it has left?

Orange is one of my favourite colors, so I often choose it for my plants – and my projects.

This is the beautiful Muiri with her special “redhead bag” (and several of my love beads necklaces). She loved it as soon as she saw it in my Facebook page – still as a work in progress, and she said she just had to have it. It really seemed like it was made especially for her – it matches her hair color and her delicate complexion so perfectly! And, more importantly – it matches her fresh and adventurous spirit. It really makes me happy, every time I look at her 🙂

Our kitchen window looks North, so it’s shady and too dark, especially in winter. I wanted to make it look brighter, and I planted bromelias in colorful terracota pots. (Now the flowering season of these plants is near its end – but they started having side shoots, so I hope they will bloom again.)
Then I added this cheerful curtain, crocheted by Nadya from The Crochetin Craft Market. 

This is the link to Nadya’s shop –

Finally, we decided that the kitchen walls needed some color too. I am a huge fan of Mexican Talavera tiles – so Nick printed these stickers, and I covered the white tiles with them. Not bad at all… until we are able to get the real thing someday.

I finished the new boho jeans jacket! Classic blue denim, decorated with rich ethnic and floral embroidery, trims, pom-poms and fringe. It is now available in our shop.

Joana from Karavana made the stylish photo shoot. She really has a cool fashion sense!

This is the link to Joana’s shop –

Meanwhile, Joana also agreed to adopt my white roscoea. She really likes whitе (unlike me), and it suits her in every way. I hope they both feel happy with each other 🙂

The “purple” roscoea, that turned out to be white, has a new home

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