The tigridias in our garden surprised me again. I thought they were orange, but the second blooming plant turned out to be yellow. 

I got this anthurium last year as a birthday gift from a friend. It was growing fast and blooming abundantly all summer and early autumn – but then I had to bring it inside, and it did not take it well. It was attacked by the same disease as many of the other plants – and it was a bad time to use plant protection spray, because it required taking the plants outside, in the cold. So I had to wait for warmer weather, meanwhile the disease progressed, and now it has only two leaves left. I hope it recovers completely soon, and it starts flowering again.

The camelia was blooming too when I got it, but now it’s obviously not feeling well. Some of its leaves developed brown spots, and they started falling off. I know that now it’s not its flowering season – I hope it will get better until then. I’ve read that it’s a quite pretentious plant, but still I decided to try my luck with it.

This amaryllis was initially ready to bloom – and it did for a while, quite spectacularly.

But then it obviously did not have enough light, so its leaves started to grow feeble and break from their own weight. Now it has just a few leaves left… It is already outside, and I hope it will feel better.

This little black and white cat, who is trying to settle down in our yard, ventured to come on the porch again. It is obviously hoping for some food, but still too shy and scared to come close to people. I managed to make a photo of her for the first time, because my new phone has a better camera for remote shooting.

Although it must be hungry, we don’t feel like encouraging more animals to come regularly to our yard. When there’s more of them, they become really annoying, especially at night when they start to fight and scream. I know that some of our neighbours feed the stray cats too, so I hope their life is not too bad.

Two of my bags – Violet Mist and Paisley Peace, are flying to Canada. I hope they bring a lot of joy!

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