When the weather is nice, I like to take my work (and coffee) out on the porch.

This morning I prepared some cotton/linen yarn to make fringe for the new bag – but I didn’t think of the cat problem.

My yard cat Krasivcho, who came for his breakfast, was quite interested in what I was doing. The yarn seemed to be at risk – so I had to divert his attention with some more food.

It’s getting so warm when it’s sunny (which is not so often these days), that even the cats – famous sun lovers – start to seek shade.

Krasivcho lounging in his favourite spot – our windowsill

When I finished the yarn fringe, I attached to the new bag for our “Peace“ collection. It is made of denim and decorated with vintage Kantha fabric, embroidery patch made with our machine, and additional fringe made of cotton cord and wooden beads.

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