The weather was lovely this morning. The gazanias in our garden were open and staring at the sun.

I went outside on the rocking chair with my coffee and my book. I am reading The Kashmir Shawl, recommended by my favourite blogger Vicky Brearley (

I found this ceramic pot in a local classifieds website. It was used and it has some flaws, but I think this can add charm to things. The same goes for the pot holder – I used a small plate from our colorful Italian set (every piece has a different pattern). This one used to be my favourite, but now it’s chipped, and it found a new life on the porch.

I planted the celosia in it, to complete the colorful look.

My beautiful Ankara wax print fabric has arrived – I am so excited! I plan to use it in some new projects, along with the other African fabrics that I have collected.

I am working on a new bag – made of denim and adorned with vintage ethnic fabrics and embroideries, silk fringe and beads. I used parts of several items (purse, skirt, yoke from a shirt, pillow cover), stripes from silk scarves for the fringe and cotton sheet for the lining (all second hand).

“Fresh Garden” embroidery bag (work in progress)

Recently, I feel more inspired to make more things, because I get a lot of support from my friends. I am so lucky to have them!

School is almost over, and Boris is really happy. Now he will be able to browse the Internet / watch movies / read late at night (he always finds a way to do one of these, no matter how we try to restrict him), and then sleep late the next day. I don’t think it’s such a great idea… but to be honest, I was exactly the same when I was his age. Though I was mostly reading, because I did not have a computer back then, not to speak of Internet.

He always wants to choose the books he reads by himself, so we are careful not to recommend him anything (because then he doesn’t want to touch it at all). So whenever he wants, he browses the shelves and occasionally finds books he really likes. Sometimes he really surprises me – like when I saw him reading an old copy of On The Road. (One of my favourite books… and this is exactly why I was surprised.)

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