I spend most mornings on the porch – it’s actually better than the beach! Before 10 AM it is sunny but not too hot, all around is green and calm, there is shade and coffee nearby… What else does one need?

Our big linden tree is blossoming, and its sweet smell is spreading all around.
This morning I heard a soft sound that I could not recognise. At first I thought it was rumbling water, but then I realised it was the buzzing of hundreds of bees, feeding on the linden blossoms.

It’s a great time for gardening too. I have always wanted ceramic pots for my plants, but the ones I’ve seen so far were too ugly and/or too expensive. Now I finally found good ones – they are made in a ceramics workshop in a small town. They only have one size, and the pots are quite heavy, but I still love them! I ordered several pieces and I repotted some of the nasturtiums in them. I wish I could replace all our plastic pots with more of these – they look so natural, and I think the plants would feel much better in them.

I got my hands on another Kantha quilt in one of my favourite colors – purple.  I am going to use it for decoration of the next items in our Peace collection.

I finished my new bag – Peace Bird, the second one in the Peace collection. It is made of denim and decorated with Kantha fabric, a bright embroidery patch that we made with our machine, fringe made of cotton/linen yarn and wooden beads. It is now available in our shop.

This is the beautiful Selvin with her Flower Power bag. She could not choose between two of my bags… so she chose both! 

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