Today is a local hippy holiday – July Morning (named after the Uriah Heep song). 

It is a 30-year old tradition in our community – staying up all night to greet the sunrise over the sea on the first of July, marking the start of summer fun and travelling. I have spent many July Mornings with my friends over the years – singing, laughing, drinking beer, wrapped in our sleeping bags around a campfire. And after we had children, we started bringing them too.

There I was on a July Morning… Back in 2007 in Kamen Bryag, a beautiful place on the North seaside. There was even a Uriah Heep concert at sunrise – I woke up to their live music, and I just could not believe it was really happening!
July Morning 2015 – sunrise with friends
Me and Nick on July Morning in 2016 near Sinemorets, in the South. There was a beach concert the night before – several bands (including many of our musician friends) played until the morning.

Boris snuggled in my sleeping bag in a beachside cafe, the night before July Morning last year.

This year we did not go anywhere, but we still got up to see the sunrise.
It was hardly visible from behind the big linden tree, but the idea is important.

I finished a new bag – Fresh Garden, made of denim and decorated with rich ethnic embroideries, silk fringe and beads. It is now available in our shop.

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