I have always loved jewelry, especially bangles. I have collected a lot of them, and usually I wear as many at once as I can.

Recently we rarely go out, except for grocery shopping, and I haven’t worn my bangles much. They sometimes get in the way while I am gardening or sewing – but I really missed them, so today I decided to wear them, whatever happens.

I started a new book – Glory Road.

I have a fresh feeling about it, may be because it is connected to flowers. I will never get tired of looking at flowers, growing flowers, reading about flowers…

This week we have thunderstorms with heavy rain every day, and our plants are thriving.

The delphihium has finally bloomed! It is not blue as promised… but still beautiful.

After the rain

Even the gladioli are about to flower. I have never particularly liked them – they got here accidentally, as a part of a set of bulb plants blooming in pink and purple. I still decided to plant them and see what happens, though I had not much hope of seeing them bloom. I’ve read that it might not happen the first year, but it looks like there will be another garden surprise.

The small bougainvillaea plant is blooming. We have another big bougainvillaea tree, but it suffered from some disease in the winter, and it has not recovered fully yet.

I finished my new project, Garden Life – a vintage denim vest, decorated with vibrant fabrics, embroideries, fringe and pom-poms, to achieve a luscious bohemian look. It is now available in our shop.

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