There was a big storm on Monday night, with hail and floods in the lower parts of the city. Our area is outside the city limits, on a slope near Vitosha mountain, so fortunately it was not so bad here – just very heavy rain, and may be some small hail. The plants did not suffer too much, but there were pine needles, leaves and cherries from the trees all over the porch.

The tigridias keep flowering. This one is amazing – all the others had three petals, and it has four!

Some of the flowers are really good at self-seeding.

I did not pay much attention to the antirrhinums (known here as “puppies”) this year, but they still keep popping up in strange places, like cracks in the wall. I would not even notice them, if I had not seen fallen blooms in the yard below.

We have zinnias for the first time – they are the only plants that I managed to grow from seeds this year (except for the nasturtiums – they are a success every time).

I planted seeds for several more flower varieties, but they did not make it.

The gladioli are starting to bloom, and actually they look beautiful. 

When I was a child, I disliked them, because I thought they were too formal (and I never was a fan of formal things). I had only seen gladioli in these huge, stiff bouquets, solemnly presented at concerts or national holidays. They are really tall and they need support to stand upright – but when I look closely at them, their blooms seem gentle and velvety. I guess when you start growing something, you learn to love it somehow.

The triteleias were also a part of the color-coordinated set of bulbs, along with the gladioli. I chose this set mainly because of the irises. They did not bloom at all, but these blue trireleias did.

I found another Kantha quilt, lovely fabric for my future projects. My fabric stash is growing, and the colors are really stunning!

I finished a new bag – Summer Evening, inspired by the colors and smells of the season.

It is made of denim and decorated with vintage Suzani embroidery, tassels and pom-poms.

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