Our garden is full of purple flowers. Purple is one of my favourite colors, so I often choose it (or I choose another color, but it ends up purple somehow). And I just love it in combination with green!

I really wanted blue delphiniums (the variety is called Pacific Blue), but the first ones I had did not survive. Then I ordered new ones – now they are thriving, but they turned out to be purple with white centers. 

The gladioli (I got the bulbs accidentally) are blooming abundantly. I did not like them much before, but now I am glad that I decided to plant them.


Even the wild plants in the yard turn out to be purple this year. I never saw bellflowers there before, but I spotted these yesterday behind the cypress bushes when we went out to make some photos of the new bags that I finished over the weekend.

I finally found this variety of campanula, that my Grandma used to grow. It is very light purple, and very delicate. Grandma called it “little stars“ because the shape of the blooms, and it always reminds me of her.

With all this purple inspiration, I finished my new bag – Let It Grow. It is made of denim and decorated with Kantha quilt fabric. We designed a special embroidery patch with our machine, made exactly to match the beautiful paisley pattern. Then I added the finishing touch – long flowing fringe, made of soft artistic yarn.

The bag is now available in our shop.

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