I thought I have seen all of the tigridias – but their new wave of blooms surprised me again!

I had only seen orange and yellow until now, but the next one turned out to be white.

Most of the blooms have three petals, like the ones in the pictures that I saw in the online search. Then some of mine flowered with four petals, and I thought this was unusual… until I went out with my coffee this morning, and I saw that one of the new ones had five!

The blooms are rather big and quite impressing, but they only last for a few hours.

During the search about the petals, I saw there were also pink and red varieties – and now I dream about having them next year!

These hummingbird moths keep coming back. I am fascinated, and I could watch them all day! They obviously see the flowers on our porch like a buffet breakfast, offering a new delicious dish every day, and they want to taste them all. (Sometimes they even try to taste my clothes and jewelry, attracted by the bright colors). It is unbelievable that they are actually insects. They look and behave exactly like the hummingbirds that I have seen in multiple pictures and videos, so when I see one, it feels like we live in some exotic location.

I find constant inspiration in these lovely flowers and creatures. Yesterday I finished another bag of my humming bird sequence – “Peaceful Oasis”, the next one in our “Peace” collection. (It was harder than usual, because there is some reconstruction in our area, and hence we have no electricity for a few hours every day. But I used our camping portable source to power my sewing machine, and I was still able to keep up with my plans.) The bag is made of denim and decorated with vintage Kantha quilt fabric and a bright embroidery patch – hummingbird feeding from a flower), that we made with our embroidery machine. I added an ethnic embroidery trim on the strap, and fringe made of recycled silk, cotton cord and wooden beads, to complete the bohemian look.

I decided to call it “Peaceful Oasis” – a happy place, like this house is for us in these strange times.

The bag is available in our shop.

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