Recently, new plants are starting to bloom in the garden, and I am seeing more and more of one of my favourite colors – magenta.

The dipladenias are flowering abundantly. Their white “stage” seems to have passed, and now the blooms are mostly deep pink (magenta), except for a few wine red ones.

My big bouganvilea is just starting to flower. It suffered from some disease in the winter and spring, so I guess it needed some time to recover. Meanwhile, I got another small plant, which bloomed earlier, and now it was just overblown.

I have this frilly variety of portulacas for the first time this year. Their blooms are multicolor – white, orange, yellow, red – but the ones that I like the most are magenta, of course.

I am gathering some seeds from them for my fellow plants lover, Yulita. We sometimes exchange plants – she gave me this pink delosperma, after I saw it in bloom in her Facebook photos and I wished I had one too.

Meanwhile, I got a similar plant from a garden centre. I am not sure if it is exactly the same, but it is definitely from the same family – although its leaves and blooms are in a slightly different shade.

There is also my pink vaigela – another lovely plant that I recently got.

Another magenta beauty – zynnia.

Zynnias are the only plants, that I managed to grow from seeds this year. I have them for the first time too – I like trying to grow new (to me) plants. They are also multicolor, but the ones that I like best are those that look like tiny blooming pineapples.

My newest plant – pentas, with its lovely small magenta blooms.

Another one of my (relatively) new plants started flowering – episcia. 

I am making a lot of efforts to protect it from the excessive moisture. I have read that it is one of those plants, that need to grow in dry soil, otherwise its leaves start to rot. So every time it rains, I have to run and rescue it.

I decided to include more vintage bohemian clothing in my shop, like this colorful mandala tunic – made of flowing silky fabric, size XL.

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