The fauna in our yard is quite diverse sometimes.

I am not sure if the stray cats count as fauna – but there is constantly something going on with them here, especially connected to food and fights for territory. My only favourite is the one I chose to be my “yard cat“ – Krasivcho.

I really like the squirrels and the hummingbird moths – they always make me happy when I see them. Hedgehogs are also nice, but our neighbour’s dog Topo is always trying to catch them, therefore his nose is often hurt by their spines.

We have even seen a fox several times – it acted almost like a domestic animal, and it wanted to play with our dog Charile. But we haven’t seen it from quite a while.

There are also the butterflies and beetles, of course. The shiny green cockchafers are extremely numerous this year – they keep buzzing in our trees all the time.

The ones that annoy me the most are the snails. I gave up planting flowers in the garden, because they destroyed everything, and I decided to grow my plants only on the porch. And now some snails invade this space too! I see their traces, but I only saw (and removed) one of them so far – they hide during the day, and they only come out if it is raining.
(I really dislike these creatures, so no photos.)

I am reading The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. It is one of “my kind of books” – whatever it means.

I need to read all the time, but it is hard to find books that I really like. They have to be meaningful, but not too heavy… might be romantic, but not just a shallow love story… there has to be no violence – and the list goes on. No wonder that I keep searching but seldom find something good to read. After working in the book publishing industry for a long time, now I feel like I have seen too much in this field, but I still haven’t lost my appetite for reading. Just like one would refine their taste after working in a bakery, but still have a sweet tooth.

I received this photo from a lovely lady in California, with my Mandala Song boho bag and one of my love beads necklaces – she says she loves her new bag. When I imagine someone walking around with my colours on the other side of the world, it makes me feel fantastic!

I included a new item in our shop – a beautiful white cotton boho dress/tunic with rich embroidery and beadwork, size M/L.

I made a new up-cycled dress in mixed patterns on a red background. It is a combination from parts of a second hand tunic, skirt and scarf. Cotton fabric, size L.

The dress is also available in our shop.

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