I just finished reading Season of Salt and Honey.

It was sad, but really good, with a touch of that magical feeling that I love in a book. Normally, I would not choose a book about loss, because it would be too heavy. So (as strange as it may sound) I was wondering why I ordered it in the first place.
There were too many books that I didn’t want to read but I had to, because of my job in a publishing house. So when I could choose, I tried to find some that would make me feel calm, without too much sadness or violence. My imagination is really vivid, so I empathise with the characters too much. Sometimes my memories of books I have read resemble movies, or even real life events. And I also think that there are too much bad things in the real world, to look for them in art too. After all, it is supposed to provide an escape from the problems – and not deepen the feeling that life is sad and scary.

But actually, I often find that the books that provoke no strong (negative) feelings are too shallow. So I guess I will have to accept this, if I wish to find some deeper meaning in a book or a movie – they seem to come in one “package“.

Recently I added some more vintage boho clothing to our shop.

Comfy plus size floral boho tunic, soft flowing fabric (100% rayon), size 4XL.

Long vintage bohemian handmade skirt. Size M/L, elastic waist.

Elegant long black bohemian dress, adorned with embroidery and beads. Cotton/viscose fabric, transparent tulle back. Size M/L.

All clothes are available in our shop.

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