It is getting colder, so I started bringing the plants in.

Argyranthemum and gazanias beneath my squirrels tapestry

I found this vintage tapestry with my “totem animals” in a local classifieds website. Nick thinks they were depicted while planting flowers – so appropriate in my case!

The plants turned out to be significantly more than last year, and I could hardly find any space for them near the windows. But still I can’t resist getting new ones!

My cheerful (new ) guzmania

I still have some bromeliads (including guzmanias) from last year. I separated their roots and I potted the new offshoots, but I’ve read that they need a year to reach maturity.

A rose colored bloom appeared in one of the pots on the porch. I am not sure what it its – it looks like an astra. I can’t remember planting astras intentionally, but in the spring I tried growing several types of plants from seeds (only succeeding with nasturtiums and zynnias). So may be some seeds remained in the soil, and they managed to grow after all.

I am not much into pastels, but still I was happy to see this one.

This week I finished two of my boho denim jackets, featuring my beautiful Kantha quilt fabrics. They are both size L, available in our shop.

Embroidered denim jacket, decorated with Kantha quilt fabric, tassels and pom-poms.
“Peace Tapestry”
Embroidery, Kantha quilt fabric, trims and tassels.

I was really inspired while making this one, and I love how it turned out!

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