There is a little guest in the house – our friends’ dog Maggie, we’ll take care of her for a few days.
She constantly keeps an eye on us while we walk around – someone might have a treat for her!

After her first walk in the neighbourhood, she really needed a bath – but she did her best to avoid it, and she was not too happy when we finally succeeded.

I am reading “Season of the Witch” – such a groovy book!

I love “Midnight Cowboy”, and I had no idea that James Leo Herlihy had other books. But Nick found this one for Kindle, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s been a long time since I’ve had something meaningful to read. I need to read all the time, so I am always searching for good books, but it’s hard to find something I really like.

It is sunny again, so normally I would bring the plants out again. But now they are too many – we would have to carry them from the second floor (the only space available for most), and then back again pretty soon (I guess) when it gets colder. So I decided to keep them in this year.

I could hardly find good places for all plants, but these seem to feel well on the stairs to the roof.

Some go on blooming, in various colors.

I knew that the lantana was multicolor, but until now it only bloomed in orange and red, and this time it is yellow.

I thought it might be because it gets less light inside. But the color of the azalea is much more saturated now. While it was out on the porch, it bloomed in very light rose with pink streaks – and now it is bright fuchsia pink.

Of course, I have a new plant too – vriesea, also pink (one of my favourite colors). I planted it in my favourite ceramic pot, moving the kalanchoe in another one, because I thought the colors would match perfectly.

I am working on a new up-cycled denim jacket.

It is decorated with floral embroidery. I plan to add more embroidery, trim and tassels on the back, to complete the boho look.

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