Our guest Miss Maggie went back home last night. She is such a sweet thing, and we will really miss her.

She is like a little white cloud, silently appearing in different places. So much energy in this tiny body!

And I suspect that she is an undercover cat. Climbing in my lap, scratching furniture, stretching and rolling in the sunny spots, head-butting, whimpering… Size and fur matching too.

At first she was afraid of our dog Charlie, because he is so big and hairy.

He is a really nice fellow – and he is quite old, so he is usually sleeping. He can’t even get up without our help, so Maggie soon found out that he would never do her any harm.

But there was a real problem with our neighbour’s dog, Topo. He lives in the yard, and he is guarding his territory – so he tried to attack the poor little thing as soon he saw her, and we had to protect her from him all the time.

Topo relaxing on the neighbours’ porch

She was trying to go out every time that we opened the porch door – and if she did, she could get near Topo who would definitely try to hurt her. There was also a problem with her walks, when we had to pass through the yard, so we had to think of protecting her all the time – it was like some sort of a siege.

Our studio is really cozy when it’s raining, especially after we brought the plants in.

There is a new tailored boho denim jacket in our shop.

It is decorated with vibrant embroidery, ethnic trims and tassels, size L.

I started working on a new project – hippie denim apron. I used colorful patterns from African print fabrics, and a bright embroidery peace sign patch that we made with our machine.

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