It’s beginning to look more like spring, but I still don’t dare to bring any plants outside. Even the weather is strange this year – in January it was sunny and some flowers were blooming, and now it gets nearly freezing every few days. (I know seasons are reversed somewhere, but last time I checked we were still living in the Northern hemisphere.) I hope in a week or two it would be warm enough, and then the season can begin!

I understand that gardening has got quite trendy during the last year, and I am no exception. The plants were so many, that I could hardly find a place for all of them when I brought them back in from the porch last autumn. Some have withered, but there are still a lot left. So, I constantly carry them up and down the stairs, in search of more light, less heat, etc. And of course, when a plant is flowering, I have to bring it downstairs in the studio, so that we can enjoy it.

I did not expect that my red Indian canna would bloom in these conditions (in the storage room), but it surprisingly did.

I will try with two Indian canna bulbs of another variety – Cleopatra.

I planted another bulb, agapanthus, and I sowed some seeds – more common plants like cornflower, sweet pea, campanula, matthiola, lupinus, phacelia, helichrysum, and an exotic looking one, salpiglossis sinuat.

I hope I have better luck with them than with the bulbs (so far). The fritilarias that I planted in October have not sprouted at all. The tulips did sprout, and they even tried to bloom, but then they were dried out by the heating. Last year, the irises did not bloom at all; I tried again, but I doubt they ever will. I plan to send all these bulbs to my friend Shve – I hope they would feel better in her garden.

I decided to wait a bit more with the nasturtium seeds. They are easy to grow, but if I keep the new plants inside, they will become too long and feeble (as it has happened many times before).

Our friend Nacho and his beautiful model Nikolleta did another inspiring photoshoot featuring my love beads. I also sent them some colorful clothes and accessories, to complete the styling.

I finished another pair of embroidered bellbottoms, and I already sent them to their new owner. I hope she would enjoy them as much as I do – I literally live in the ones that I made for myself.

I started a new project – Rainforest Dream.

Boho denim bag, embellished with luscious fabrics and embroideries featuring tropical life, tassels and pom-poms.

Another new up-cycled project that I am working on – white denim jacket, decorated with rambling red rose embroideries.

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