This winter thing is getting much too far. It’s supposed to be the middle in the spring now, but it’s snowing again – and it sticks.

I am running out of patience, but the forecast promises that it would be for the last time. So I hope next week I will be able to bring some of the plants out on the porch, and spend more time outside. The sun is a huge source of energy, and I need it badly.

I used to bring them out and back in again, depending of the weather, but I don’t think it’s good for them – and my back does not like it much either. So now I just repot them and I move them around the house. Carrying heavy pots up the stairs is not easy too, but some plants just can’t take the heating in the studio for long, so I have to save them.

I think I solved the mystery of the missing deep purple abutilon.

When I got these abutilon plants last summer, they were half withered. An overblown one seemed purple, so I thought that if I saved it, I would have a blooming plant in this rare colour. But then they flowered one by one – orange, pink, terracotta – and none was purple. I noticed that when some of the reddish blooms started to wither, they got a purplish tint. So may be that was the case – disappointing, but at least a possible explanation.

When we last visited the “men’s mall” (home improvement store), I chose a packet of bulbs with a nice picture of an orange blooming plant, but I could not tell what was its name. It turned out to be a color-coordinated combination in yellow and orange: freesias, crocosmia, gladioli, and the cover picture showed dahlia Sunshine.

Last year I tried planting another variety of dahlia – it grew taller than me, but it never bloomed. So I sent all the bulbs to my fellow flower lover, Shve – by the end of the season, they’d multiplied and become at least twenty. I thought that maybe it was hard to grow dahlias in a pot, so they were not for me – but now I have this new one, so I might as well try planting it and see what happens.

Shve is also an artist, photographer and my part-time muse. Last week she was inspired to do a rockstar photoshoot, with the embroidered bellbottoms that I made for her, some of my strings of love beads and other colorful accessories that I chose for her.

I started a new project – Night Forest.

Dark denim vest, embellished with textile appliques and embroideries.

Another new project – “Flying Hope”, embroidered denim bag.

Recently, several of my projects were liked and reserved by friends – for themselves, or as presents for others. I am so moved and grateful for their support!

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