I saw some kind of small birds nibbling on the blooms of the fruit trees in our garden. Obviously not hummingbirds, but still enjoying the sweet nectar.

I am obsessed with hummingbirds; I think they are fabulous creatures! They could not live in our climate, but I keep wondering every time I see those hummingbird moths fluttering around the flowers.

Hummingbird moth visit from last summer

In other words, I can’t wait for the gardening season to start!

I am tired of waiting and hoping for warmer weather. I started bringing out some of the more resistant plants – I hope they survive the next two nights, then it should get milder (at least that’s what the forecast says).

Every time we go to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shopping, I notice this big flower stall by the side of the road. This time I just could not resist it anymore, so we had to stop and get some plants.

I chose some purple cinerarias and calibrachoa. I wanted gazanias too, but by the time we got there it was almost dark and the blooms had closed, so I could not see their colors. It must be a sign that we should come back next week for more flowers!

These are my lovely new scissors, a present from Nick.

I have had my old ones for ages – they were assigned to me while I studied sewing in high school. They had to be sharpened multiple times, which obviously damaged them, so I needed new ones. But I never thought they could be so beautiful!

My Rainforest Dream bag is almost ready. It is going to be a birthday present – I hope the lady likes it!

I started yet another project – River Of Dreams.

It shows the colorful river constantly flowing through my mind, with ideas jumping out sometimes.

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