Last week It was still gloomy, but I really could not wait any longer, so I brought some plants outside.

The calibrachoa is surprisingly resistant for a flowering plant. Some of the others’ leaves were damaged – they got a silvery tint and then withered, I guess from the cold (though it was definitely not freezing), but these still look in a great shape.

Another weekly tour to the supermarket, and a visit to the roadside stall on the way back. I got these psychedelic African daisies, I hope they survive.

Last weekend it was Palm Sunday – another reason to get more plants (not that I need a reason, but anyway). So we went to the “men’s mall”, this time just for my sake (usually Nick needs some things and I just come along for some plants). There were some temporary stalls outside – obviously because of the holiday, bursting with many colours and varieties, but I only chose two lobelias and a celosia.

Last summer I noticed that butterflies and hummingbird moths prefer lobelias, so these would be a nice treat for them. I am not sure what attracts them – the flavour, or the colour. I’ve read somewhere that blue was the colour that hummingbird moths recognised the most, and they were unable to see the red hues.

The weather forecast is looking better now, so I brought more plants out on the porch.

I still have to bring the vulnerable ones in for the night, I hope it won’t be for long. The bees were not happy when I took away the cinerarias, I think they like them. At least it is raining again, so I won’t have to water the plants!

Recently, me and Boris resumed our chess playing. If it’s not too cold, we like to play on the porch. Ut’s nice when it’s raining too (like today), then we sit under the shelter that Nick made when we moved in here.
Boris learned how to play when he was 8, and I think he was better than me from the very start.

Boris playing in our old apartment, 5 years ago

I was never much of a player (though once, when I was in fist grade, I beat a fifth grader, and I was awfully proud of myself!) I think I just knew how to move the pieces, without much of a strategy or planning, so Boris usually won. I didn’t mind losing this much, but playing in this style is not too interesting, so I had to change something. I even managed to beat him three times in a row, and he was not happy. But then he adapted, and now we are back to him winning, or sometimes it’s a draw.

The flower theme continues in my projects, as always. I started two embroidered summer denim dresses – “Shady Garden” and “Wild Roses”.

Our “Rainforest Dream” bag is already with its new owner. She ordered it as a present for someone else, but she said she liked it so much that she was considering keeping it for herself.

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