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The linden feast

There is a big linden tree in the center of our yard – a source[...]

Boredom or desire

I’ve read this quote by Leo Tolstoy, “Boredom: the desire for desires”. So, I guess I have[...]

Purple, heat and fruit

It is getting really hot lately, which is a nice change. But most plants are[...]

Colorful curiosities

Sunday started with some sun, so I spent the morning in my favorite way –[...]

One hundred years of rain

On Saturday, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. Everyone else was still[...]

Strange days

At last, there was some sun this morning… hard to believe somehow. The last few[...]

Peaceful times

I rescued a butterfly from the greenhouse yesterday. It stays open during the day, so[...]

Beautiful decay

Some of our plants are pretty resilient and self-seeding. I guess that’s what they call[...]

Wild flowers

Friday was the first sunny day we’ve seen for a long time, so I spent[...]


Forgotten treasures

I started remaking the set of colorful necklaces that I made for our musician friend[...]

Floral dreams

We started making mugs with our own design, and I am so inspired by this[...]

Drinks with extras

I’ve heard that cat lovers can’t imagine having their coffee without cat hair in it.[...]

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